Huo Yi Xun Nine Swords of the Big Dipper (first three stances) video 6 episodes documentation

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Information name: Huo Yi Xun Tiangang Jiuxian (first three styles) video 6 episodes document

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10120. Huo Yi Xun Nine Swords of the Big Dipper/

1. First Sword Stance Drill.mp4 4.01M

1、Tiangang Sword First Stance Breakdown Teaching.mp4 505.80M

2、Second Sword Stance Exercise.mp4 8.42M

2、Tian Diang Sword The Second Style Decomposition Teaching.mp4 521.04M

3、Third sword stance drill.mp4 5.05M

3、Tiangang Sword 3rd stance decomposition teaching.mp4 316.00M

The Nine Swords of the Big Dipper Sword A must-see.pdf 153.54kb

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