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Out of the horse immortal, protect the family immortal, the dragon and the phoenix hall, the Taoist hall writing method secret training course ️

1, total turn over hall also no inspiration, family luck is not smooth, doubt whether they have immortal edge or not.

️2. Every time the lido master as a lifesaver, but each time discouraged.

3 ️, Tachitang immortal also does not speak up.

4️, the body is also not well after the tachibana.

This course addresses the following questions:

️1. The benefits of offering immortality

️2. How to better communicate and cooperate with the immortals after setting up the hall

️3、What kind of reaction is suitable for the horse

4 ️, how to cultivate the fairy language

5、How to deal with evil spirits, hate fairy interference

️6、Why do immortals string orifices, the sense of each immortal upper body string orifices

️7、Which way will people go after they die and do they need to overtake?

️8、Writing of out of the horse immortal, protector immortal, dragon and phoenix hall, Taoist hall

️9、How to open the horse trip, the benefits of opening the horse trip,

10, how to worship the seven stars.

This course does not need to cultivate, after learning immediately for you to use, the applicable crowd out of the horse fairy people, after learning will let you add a confidence in your career, in your time to set up the hall inspiration.

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