Wang Zhanjun pusher full course video 12 episodes

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Information name: Wang Zhanjun Pusher full course video 12 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10160. Wang Zhanjun/

01. How to watch the courseware with Shake End.mp4 1.55M

02、How to watch the lesson with Xue Long.mp4 3.89M

03、1 single pushers.mp4 226.66M

04、2 double pushing hands.mp4 628.82M

05、3 fixed step pushing hands.mp4 489.46M

06、4 into 1 vs. 1 Live Step Push Hands.mp4 423.28M

07、5 Legs in the air, pushing the ball.mp4 154.17M

08、6 Black Tiger Heart, Cover Step.mp4 287.99M

09、7 Side Shoulder Tackle.mp4 752.85M

10、8 Folding Wrist Tackle.mp4 922.96M

11、9 Retreating Takedown.mp4 312.21M

12, 10 neck sparring.mp4 305.15M

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