Zhang Dezhi One Palm Sutra 2022 Teaching Audio Plus Documentation

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88e8484da9830d6fcd7318e37885b521.mp3 4.96M

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dec_Day1.pdf 9.18M

Section 11.mp3 8.63M

Section 13.mp3 10.54M

Section 14.mp3 10.55M

Verse 19 (The nine stars shine on the life, the twelve elemental gods).mp3 13.33M

Section 8.mp3 9.40M

Day 8.pdf 4.48M

The second section.mp3 8.21M

Section 20 (last section).mp3 12.68M

Day Twenty.pdf 11.27M

Day Two.pdf 11.45M

Section Nine.mp3 10.89M

Day 9.pdf 1.54M

Section 6.mp3 12.18M

Day 6.pdf 6.42M

Day 7.pdf 2.01M

Section 3.mp3 10.57M

Day 3.pdf 11.80M

Days Eighteen and Nineteen.pdf 7.82M

Session Twelve.mp3 10.11M

Day Nineteen.pdf 7.52M

Section XVI.mp3 10.48M

Day Sixteen(1).pdf 6.10M

Day Sixteen.pdf 6.11M

Section XVII.mp3 10.37M

Day Seventeen(1).pdf 7.12M

Day Fourteen.pdf 400.94kb

Day Fifteen.pdf 6.12M

Fifteenth.mp3 10.14M

Day eleven.pdf 1.15M

Day 4.pdf 24.34M

Day Five.pdf 10.53M

Section I.mp3 10.06M

Thousands of Years of Words that Speak.mp3 15.19M

Twelve Days.pdf 1.44M

Thirteen Lectures.pdf 2.45M

Time and Space Trigrams.mp3 9.56M

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.mp3 9.56M

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